The Westside Pet Hospital and Boarding Story

The Westside Pet Hospital and Boarding story

Westside Pet Hospital

“The concept of Westside Pet Hospital was formulated when I (Dr. Ginno) owned Clear Creek Veterinary Clinic.  I traveled to clinics in Northern California from 1994-1996.  Several of the hospitals were new and others had been remodeled over the years.  After discussing the plans with the various veterinary hospital owners and after attending a hospital design conference in Kansas City in 1994, I designed and built Westside Pet Hospital.  The building was finished and opened for business in October of 1998.  We’ve had numerous compliments from veterinarians and drug representatives as to the appearance and functionalities of our hospital.  Several local veterinarians have used our concepts and incorporated them into their hospitals over the years.  We are proud of our facility, but a friendly staff and providing excellent service to our clients is and always will be our primary focus.”

                                                                                                                Regard,  Dr. Doug Ginno, DVM